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Bred Heifers

Chinook Ranch has been grazing their cattle year round for the past 25 years. As a result, our cows have become adapted to the environment over the years and we can make the best use of our environment. As well, our cows have become better at utilizing forage and roughage and so they have in turn become better at providing for themselves. You can learn more about Chinook Ranches year round grazing program here. In addition, to having cows that are adapted to the environment, Chinook Ranch prides themselves on their quiet and easy to handle cattle. As well, we cull our cattle hard to make sure we only carry on the best genetics.


Chinook Ranch is currently offering bred heifers that were AI'd after July 15 and left out with clean up bulls so they were bred for a span of 30 days meaning they are due in late April. We do a short breeding time with our heifers to help push fertility. We guarantee our bred heifers, so if anything goes wrong due to our management you are guaranteed your money back. If you are interested in our bred heifer program you can contact the number at the bottom of this page.


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